From Diablo to Devereux

by Tomorrow at Dawn

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Debut release from Prog. Metal veterans, Jason Boudreau and John Lutzow.
This album is a blend of diverse eras and genre. Compositions with influence spanning centuries. The eleven songs on the disk exude styles and techniques not thought possible in an acoustic forum.
From Classical to Jazz to World to Metal, be prepared for "Tomorrow at Dawn- From Diablo to Devereux"


released May 26, 2015

Tomorrow at Dawn
From Diablo to Devereux
1. The Charade Written by Jason Boudreau
2. Demian des l’aube Written by John Lutzow
3. Nocturnal Remission Impossible Written by John Lutzow
4. Snappy Trap Written by John Lutzow
5. Staremood Written by John Lutzow
6. Waking up to a Breakdown Written by John Lutzow
7. A Touch of Blue Written by Jason Boudreau
8. Sada Tay Written by John Lutzow
9. Impulse Trigger Response Written by John Lutzow
10. Scarlet Written by Jason Boudreau
11. Passion Out Written by John Lutzow
Tomorrow at Dawn is:
Jason Boudreau- Nylon string, steel string and slide guitars.
John Lutzow- Nylon, Steel and midi guitars, percussion and slide steel.
French poetry for Demian des l’aube voiced by Marie Goerkem
Album artwork and layout by Martin Schroeder
Album photography by Sharon Farrell
Original cover concept design by Michael Morris
Tomorrow at Dawn original back cover logo by Michael Morris
Recorded at DU Studios Denver, CO and Killarney St. Studios Centennial, CO 01/14-04/15
Mixed at Atomland studios Denver, CO by John Jeffers
Mastered at Killarney St. Studios by John Lutzow
All music and instruments performed by John Lutzow and Jason Boudreau
Copyright 2015 Ink Pen Exorcism music ASCAP and Room 15 publishing ASCAP

John Lutzow thanks: The sincerest thanks go to my beautiful, amazing wife Dana Lutzow. I love you more than these simple words can say. My work on this album is dedicated to my son, Levi Isaac Lutzow, You are my world and inspiration. Thank you, Joseph and Melanie McGirr for keeping me alive all these years and somewhat sane. Thanks to Sharon Farrell for all your support, photography and encouragement. Thanks to Gene and Cindy Bockenstedt for the lifetime of friendship and guitars. Thanks to my best friends and band mates for never giving up on me; Derek Blake and Martin Schroeder. Thank you to Jason Boudreau for believing in my vision and agreeing to do this project. Thanks to all the Leviathan fans that never forgot about us.
Jason Boudreau thanks: My beautiful and wonderful wife, Tammy Boudreau for all of your support and inspiration. My son, Tristan Boudreau for making me smile every day. Thanks to my mom, Janet Smith, brother, Jeremy Smith and sister, Alicia Smith. Thanks to Dr. Jeff Janeczko, Josh Luebbers, Brian Mikulich, Derek Boudreau, Julie Dudley, Isaac Lord, Seth Leach, Zach Leach, the Peters family and the Verdecchio family. Thanks to all of my current and former students for keeping me inspired to always be better. Thanks to John Lutzow for including me in this project. As always thanks to my father, Timothy Boudreau, and my Aunt, Carol Spear for inspiring me to pick up the guitar so many years ago!
Tomorrow at Dawn would like to thank: John Jeffers, Sharon Farrell, Tony Dollar, Michael Morris, Martin Schroeder, ….
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Tomorrow at Dawn Denver, Colorado

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Track Name: The Charade